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Electron and AFM Microscopes


FEI Nova NanoSEM 450 Scanning Electron Microscope

Location:   Research team of Dr. Ivo Starý
Responsible person:   Dr. Jiří Rybáček (☎ 220 183 226)

FEI Nova NanoSEM 450

The Nova NanoSEM 450 (FEI) is a modern field-emission scanning electron microscope with 1 nm ultimate resolution, large sample chamber with, advanced motorized stage, and navigation supported by an in-chamber camera. High- and low-vacuum operations are possible. Several detectors (ETD, TLD, LVD, GAD, STEM II) are available to observe secondary and backscattered electrons under various conditions and also to obtain STEM images. The microscope is also equipped with an EDS detector for elemental composition analysis (EDAX), Elphy Plus nanolithography station (Raith) and a set of piezoelectric MiBot micromanipulators (Imina).


JEOL JEM-1011 Transmission Electron Microscope

Location:   Research team of Dr. Iva Pichová
Responsible person:   Romana Hadravová (☎ 220 183 520)


The JEM-1011 is a compact high performance TEM with advanced features and functions. Its high contrast objective lens polepiece combines the highest possible contrast and brightness with optimum resolution. The JEOL patented cool beam gun allows high-brightness, high coherence illumination conditions with filament-saving low emission current.


VEECO Nanoscope V

Location:   Research team of Prof. Josef Michl
Responsible person:   Dr. Jiří Kaleta (☎ 220 183 342)

VEECO Nanoscope V

The VEECO Nanoscope V is AFM (atomic force microscope) system for detection of single molecules, molecules in monolayers and molecular grids. This is useful for following the progress of our efforts to develop methods for the construction of two-dimensional arrays for mounting molecular rotors.