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Molecular Spectroscopy



The BioTools ChiralRAMAN-2X is spectrometer for the measurement of Raman Optical Activity (ROA) with microscope.

  • 2W green diode laser OPUS 532 (excitation at 532 nm) with adjustable power output
  • measuring in spectral range 100-2000 cm-1

Nicolet 6700 with Agilent GC 6850

Nicolet 6700

  • gas chromatograph Agilent 6850 interfaced to FTIR for GC-IR measurements (termostated capillary cell with optical path length 200 mm)
  • multireflex and single reflex ATR attachment
  • diffuse reflectance attachment
  • accessory for the measurement of temperature dependences

CD spectropolarimeter Jasco J-815

Jasco J-815

Circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy measures differences in the absorption of left-handed polarized light versus right-handed polarized light that arise due to structural asymmetry. The absence of regular structure results in zero CD intensity, while an ordered structure results in a spectrum which can contain both positive and negative signals.

  • Peltier element allowing temperature dependent measurements (5-85 °C)
  • stopped flow attachment (Biologic) for kinetics measurements
  • permanent magnet (2T) allowing to measure magnetic circular dichroism