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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Mgr. Filip Teplý, Ph.D.

Filip Teplý

Topic Synthesis of c-myc G-quadruplex ligands via click chemistry

Rational design of novel potent and selective G-quadruplex ligands is inherently difficult due to dynamic nature of typical G-quadruplex structures. To design novel binders of c-myc G-quadruplex, click chemistries will be pursued in this project. Novel small molecule candidate binders will be synthesized, tested and the hits developed using click approach (e.g., using azide-alkyne click reaction and its in situ version). The ligands will be characterized by in vitro techniques such as FRET-melting assay and polymerase stop assay. Biological validation will take advantage of in-house collaboration with biochemists who have expertise in cutting edge cell based c-myc G-quadruplex research techniques. The research will be conducted at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, CAS.

Motivated candidates interested in obtaining intensive training in cutting edge organic synthesis in this project are encouraged to enquire (teply@uochb.cas.cz, 220 183 412).