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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Dr. Michael J. Bojdys

Michael J. Bojdys - Functional Nanomaterials

Topic The high throughput discovery of layered functional materials “beyond graphene"
Faculty PřF UK

There is an apparent lack of metal-free 2D-matrials for the construction of electronic devices, and only five materials of the “graphene family” are known: graphene, hBN, BCN, fluorographene, and graphene oxide – none of them with a narrow band gap close to commercially used silicon.  A recent, sixth edition is triazine-based graphitic carbon,  a compound highlighted as an “emerging competitor for the miracle material” graphene.The project will use high-throughput methodologies and insights into framework design gleaned from our previous work.

The projects involve collaboration between the Charles University in Prague (high-throughput synthesis and evaluation), Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (UOChB) (analytics), and TU Berlin (photocatalysis). This is an opportunity for ambitious students to work in a multi-skilled team to develop a new class of 2D “Layered functional materials “beyond graphene” (BEGMAT)” as part of a European Research Council (ERC) granted project.

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