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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tutor Ing. Václav Veverka, Ph.D.
Team Pavlína Řezáčová
Topic Biological roles of LEDGF/p75
Faculty PřF UK

LEDGF/p75 is an epigenetic reader and an attractive therapeutic target involved in HIV integration and the development of mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) fusion-driven leukemia. Although highly relevant in the light of ongoing LEDGF/p75 drug development, its physiological function is not completely understood. The aim of the thesis will be investigation of various aspects linked with both LEDGF/p75 physiological and pathological roles using protein biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology.

Leading references:
Čermáková, K., et al., Validation and structural characterization of the LEDGF/p75-MLL interface as a new target for the treatment of MLL-dependent leukemia. Cancer Research, 2014. 74 (18): 5139
Těšina, P., et al., Multiple cellular proteins interact with LEDGF/p75 through a conserved unstructured consensus motif. Nature Communications, 2015. 6: 7968