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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tutor Norbert Weiss, Ph.D.

Norbert Weiss - The Ion Channels and Diseases Lab

Topic Calcium channels in neurological disorders
Faculty PřF UK

The Ion Channels and Diseases lab is looking for a PhD student interested in studying the molecular and cellular basis of neuronal disorders linked to calcium channels. The project involves functional analysis of calcium channel in cell lines and primary neurons by patch-clamp electrophysiology, confocal microscopy, in combination with basic techniques of molecular biology (PCR, mutagenesis) and biochemistry (western blot, co-immunoprecipitation).

Work in the lab focuses on the molecular physiology of T-type calcium channels, with an emphasis on elucidating the molecular mechanisms and actors controlling their trafficking to the cell surface in normal and pathological conditions such as epilepsy, pain, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and the functional impact of human channel mutations.

The candidate should have a Master degree or equivalent in the field of Neuroscience / Biology / Medicine, ideally with prior experience with patch clamp electrophysiology. Experience with primary neuronal cell culture, confocal microscopy, or basic molecular / biochemistry techniques would represent an asset.