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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tutor Ing. Iva Pichová, CSc.
Team Iva Pichová
Topic Evolution of insect pheromone communication

Insects use a diverse group of chemicals called sex pheromones for attracting of conspecific partner. The composition of sex pheromone blend is highly species specific and is pivotal for insect reproduction. A number of enzymes is involved in biosynthesis of very diverse pheromone blend components, such as long-chain fatty acid derivatives (acetates, aldehydes, alcohols). Changes of biosynthetic enzyme specificities and activities play significant role in changing the pheromone structure. This work will be focused on identification of genetic changes and properties of pheromone biosynthetic enzymes such as fatty acid desaturases, fatty acid reductases, and other enzymes from fatty acid biosynthesis that are responsible for differences in pheromone composition and in evolution of new insect species. This study will employ transcript analysis of pheromone glands, functional characterization of selected enzymes and their mutants from related insect species, and identification of enzyme products by GC-MS.