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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tutor Ing. Hana Macíčková Cahová, Ph.D.

Cahová Group

Topic Viral NudiX enzymes substrates and their role in infection
Faculty PřF UK

NudiX enzymes are class of enzymes capable of cleaving nucleoside diphosphates linked to x (any moiety). Their roles are not fully understood as they can cleave small molecules such as NAD and CoA as well as canonical RNA caps. Recent discovery of NAD and CoA as new RNA caps leads to reassessment of the RNA structure and NudiX enzymes roles. Some DNA viruses also code for their own NudiX enzymes. The task of this thesis is to define the real substrate of the viral NudiX enzymes and understand the role of viral NudiX enzymes in the infection.

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