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Junior Group Leader position in organic synthesis

Looking for an outstanding young researcher ready to start an independent academic career

The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB Prague) is inviting applications for a Junior Group Leader position in organic chemistry with strong emphasis on organic synthesis, including total synthesis of natural products and the application of synthesis in medicinal chemistry.

This tenure-track position is comparable to an assistant professorship at a US university, or to a new investigator position at the Max Planck Institutes. IOCB aims to enhance its character as an international research center, and applications from all countries are encouraged.

IOCB Prague in a nutshell:

  • A leading scientific institution in the Czech Republic, part of the Czech Academy of Sciences
  • History of 66 years of successful basic and applied research in organic chemistry, biochemistry, chemistry of natural products, theoretical chemistry, and other related disciplines
  • 45 research and research-service groups in 3 clusters:
    • BIO (biochemistry, structural biology, molecular biology, physiology, cell biology, chemical ecology, diagnostic tools, neuroscience)
    • CHEM (drug discovery, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry, materials chemistry, chemical biology, nanochemistry)
    • PHYS (drug design, molecular modeling, computational chemistry, quantum chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, separation science)
  • Powerful system of technology transfer leading to successful commercialization
  • Collaboration with top research institutes and commercial partners worldwide
  • Cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • International multicultural environment with English spoken in most laboratories
  • Unprecedented financial position allowing for freedom to choose and defend your own project and scientific direction
  • Completely renovated historical campus with a new modern building dedicated to organic chemistry
  • Located in Prague near the city center in the vicinity of several universities and the National Library of Technology

Junior groups at IOCB Prague

  • New Group Leaders are selected in cooperation with the International Advisory Board in an open competition.
  • The new group is provided with a starting package, fixed salary resources, and equipped laboratory space and services.
  • Each junior group undergoes a complex evaluation by the International Advisory Board after 5 years, with an interim evaluation after 3 years. For promotion to Senior Group Leader, a successful Junior Group Leader needs to demonstrate that he or she has built an internationally visible research group, published independent research in respected journals, and secured funding from national and international grant agencies (e.g. the European Research Council).

The Institute offers:

  • the possibility to build a research group of up to five co-workers and begin one's own scientific career;
  • help in submission of grant applications which, if successful, may enhance further the size and scope of the research group;
  • fully equipped laboratory;
  • generous starting financial package;
  • competitive salaries of the leader and co-workers;
  • support of the institutional services and administration.

The Institute requires:

  • completed education at the Ph.D. level;
  • a minimum of 2 years of postdoctoral experience;
  • ability to lead a research team;
  • a research program complementing and enhancing the scientific focus and strength of the institute (see at www.iocb.cz).

The institute prefers candidates who are less than 7 years from their Ph.D. defense and eligible for European and national starting grants. Independent research projects that can expand to in-house collaborations with existing IOCB groups are encouraged.


  • Applications have to be submitted by August 4, 2019
  • Interviews on September 20-21, 2019
  • Expected start from January 2020

Send your application in English along with CV, your proposal for an independent 5-year research program (max. 5 pages), and a full list of your publications, including the number of citations according to WoS, in electronic form to uochb@uochb.cas.cz by August 4, 2019. In the heading of the document, please state "Junior Group Leader". Two letters of recommendation from respected scientists should be sent directly to Dr. Zdenek Hostomsky at: zdenek.hostomsky@uochb.cas.cz, who can also provide further information.