StructureInformation Technology and Services

Information Technology and Services

LAN rack

The main objective of the Information Technology and Services group is to provide convenient and secure access to information sources and services for IOCB employees. Our team is responsible for the maintenance and development of a basic network infrastructure, for the management of institutional servers (network services and databases), and for assistance in a desktop computer related problems. We provide support for workstation installations, network configuration, multi-license software administration, security incidents handling, and network printing. Group also manages IOCB external and internal web portals.

Network services at the Institute have been provided since 1992 by network administrators. In 2003, the IT group was formed as part of the Scientific Information Center of IOCB, and in 2007 the group became an independent department. During the year 2012, the team was expanded to provide better user support and to assist during the reconstruction of the Institute’s buildings. Based on increasing demands on the activities of the group, its scope and reach was expanded and at the same time the overall concept of the group was changed from January 2015.