Filip Teplý


Generation of novel high-tech materials with widely useful properties will be a central issue of molecular science in the 21st century. The number of conceivable chemical structures being immense, prudent target selection is pivotal. Therefore, we will continually scrutinize challenging molecular arrangements and processes in order to maximize our chances to unearth novel properties, intriquing chemical phenomena and to design new techniques. The proposed routes will meet stringent criteria of efficiency and selectivity. We will seek fast and modular approaches so as to make the best use of the resources keeping in mind cost, effort, and time associated with the synthetic process.

"The most fundamental and lasting objective of synthesis is not production of new compounds, but production of properties."
George S. Hammond, Norris Award Lecture, 1968

"Playfulness is an incentive for the scientist and a motor of progress."
Rolf Huisgen, The Adventure Playground of Mechanisms and Novel Reactions, 1994.