Jméno Bludský Ota
Pozice Vědecký pracovník
Ota Bludský

Ota Bludský, Ph.D.


Prof. Pavel Hobza Research Team
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry ASCR, v.v.i.
Flemingovo nám. 2, CZ-166 10 Prague 6, Czech Republic

☎: (+420) 220 410 324

1987 M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry, Charles University.
1987 RNDr., Charles University.
1993 CSc. (Ph.D.) at the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, "Dynamics of nonrigid molecules", supervisor Dr. V.Špirko.
1991-1993 Arhus University, Denmark, with Prof. P.Jorgensen (7 months).
1994 Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany, with Prof. F.Jenč (2 months).
1994-1995 Arhus University (1 year)
1996-1997 Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany, with Prof. P.Jensen.
Current Position
since 2004 Researcher in the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, Prague.
Awards and Fellowhisps
1996-1997 Alexander von Humboldt fellowship.
1998 Learned Society of the Czech Republic Prize.
2003 Otto Wichterle Award.
Research interest
  • Vibrational dynamics of non-rigid molecular systems: anharmonic calculations of vibrational spectra by high level ab initio methods, molecular vibrations of ionic species trapped in the rare gas matrices, vibrational circular dichroism spectra of large organic molecules, and vibrational analysis of floppy biologically relevant molecular systems.
  • Calculations of highly excited rovibrational states: investigation of the quasi-bound continuum states; rates of the molecular reorganization processes.