Services for IOCB

The research-service team Mass Spectrometry provides services towards characterization and structure elucidation of organic molecules and biomolecules. It offers knowledge, experience and instrumentation for collaboration on interesting projects, for which mass spectrometry might be useful.

Mass spectra of small organic molecules: Full-scan mass spectra of chemical individuals are measured with nominal mass resolution using ESI, EI/CI, APCI or MALDI..

Accurate masses of small organic molecules: Full-scan high-resolution mass spectra of chemical individuals are measured using ESI, EI/CI, APCI or MALDI. Accurate masses (5 ppm or less) are given for selected ion(s), usually for molecular ions or adducts, and possible elemental compositions are calculated.

Specialized services upon request (small molecules): GC/MS analysis of mixtures. HPLC/MS analysis of mixtures. Tandem mass spectrometry for structure elucidation.

Mass spectra of large biomolecules: Full-scan mass spectra of peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides and oligosaccharides are measured using MALDI or ESI (molecular weights are calculated from the m/z values of multiply charged ions).

Identification of gel separated proteins: Samples are cleaved with trypsin and the resulting mixture of peptides is analyzed by nano-HPLC/MS. The identification is accomplished by matching the observed peptide masses to the theoretical masses derived from sequence databases.

Specialized services based on collaboration (biomolecules): Analysis of protein mixtures. Analysis of post-translational modifications. iTRAQ, SILAC or label free quantification of proteins. Consulting in planning of proteomic experiments.

Open access LC/MS and GC/MS: Two mass spectrometers (GC/MS and LC/MS) are available for the IOCB staff and students to perform their own measurements.

We try our best to keep the sample turnaround time at the absolute minimum. Delays can, however, occur due to the instrument maintenance, repairs, high sample load etc. Please excuse eventual delays..

Contact persons:
Martin Svoboda (small molecule analysis, open access LC/MS)
Martin Hubálek (protein and biomolecule analysis)
Vladimír Vrkoslav (open access GC/MS)

Questions or comments? We value your thoughts, opinions, and questions. Please feel free to contact us.