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Open Access Instruments

Open Access Instruments

Two mass spectrometers (GC/MS and LC/MS) are available for the IOCB staff and students to perform their own measurements. Please note that the instruments are also used for routine service analyses by the staff of the research-service team MS.

5975B MSD coupled to GC: The instrument is located in the room 1.88a (building A, ground floor). Instrument is accessible during working hours only at the moment. After installation of the ID card reader it will be accessible to authorized users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The instrument is equipped with non-polar capillary column and EI-MS. There is a set of predefined methods which can be used for the most common analyses. A mass spectral library is available for identification of unknown compounds.
Download (Adobe PDF): Operating sequence and instructions and Short software manual.

LCQ Fleet coupled to HPLC: The instrument is located in the room 53 (building A, ground floor). The spectrometer is often used by the research-service team MS, which limits access to it to some extent. Exchangeable probes for ESI and APCI are available. HPLC columns are not provided.
Download (Adobe PDF): Short manual.

All users must be trained and they are fully responsible for correct usage of the instruments. For training schedule please contact VladimĂ­r Vrkoslav (GC/MS) or Martin Svoboda (LC/MS).

Schedule of the measurement
Authorized users may sign up for time using web-based calendars. Login/password needed to access the calendars is provided after training.