ÚvodHostující profesor

Program "Hostující profesor ÚOCHB"

The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i. (IOCB), invites applications for positions within the "IOCB Sabbatical Visit Program" for prominent scientists from reputable foreign universities and research institutions.

The financial support for the "IOCB Sabbatical Visit Program" is granted by the IOCB based on a joint application submitted by the host and the visiting scientist. The length of the guest's visit is at least six weeks, but no more than one year. The application must contain an outline of the proposed research activities, an affidavit saying that the guest's parent organization has granted him/her a sabbatical leave and is not covering his/her stay at IOCB, or it is, but only to a limited extent. In the latter case, the guest also writes what amount is covered. The application must enclose the guest's CV, a list of his/her publications, and the host's statement on the working conditions provided for the guest. Furthermore, the application must contain an agreement explicitly stating that the publications arising from the guest's activities at the IOCB will bear the Institute's address and that the Institute is be entitled to a part of intellectual property created at the Institute.

The candidates for the "IOCB Sabbatical Visit Program" will be selected by the Selection Committee at its regular semi-annual meetings. The applicant submits the complete application package as a single pdf file to the perspective hosting collaborator at IOCB. The group leader transmits the package to the address fellowship@uochb.cas.cz. In the heading, the document should be entitled "IOCB Sabbatical Position". Further information may be received from Dr. Iva Pichová at: pichova@uochb.cas.cz.

The Selection Committee may recommend for approval a maximum of three applicants per year. The applications are accepted twice a year, with the submission deadlines being April 1 and October 1.

Downloadable Instructions and Application forms: