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22.února 2006


Endocrinology Faculty, University of California, La Jolla, USA
Making Nucleoside Phosphonates Orally Active: Compounds for Oral Treatment of Smallpox and Other Viral Diseases
4.dubna 2006

Prof. Björn O. ROOS

Department of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Lund, Sweden
The Nature of the Metal-Metal Multiple Bond
10.dubna 2006

Prof. Richard J. WHITLEY

Department of Pediatrics, University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA
Influenza: Where to From Here?
29.června 2006

Prof. Mark RATNER

Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA
Electron Transfer and Molecular Conductance: Some Mechanistic Issues
14.září 2006

Prof. Alexander WLODAWER

Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory, NCI - Frederick, Maryland, USA
How to Turn the Sweet Tooth of Viruses into Their Achilles' Heel by Utilizing Antiviral Lectins
26.září 2006

Prof. David L. DENLINGER

Department of Entomology, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA
Escape in Time: The Biology of Overwintering in Insects
6.října 2006

Prof. Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE

Laboratoire de Chimie Organo-Minérale, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France
Catenanes and Rotaxanes as Molecular Machine Prototypes
23.října 2006


School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK
Studies of the Mechanism of Metal-Mediated Reactions: Using Labels to Define What Goes Where and When
30.října 2006

Prof. Barry M. TROST

Chemistry Department, Stanford University, USA
Enantiofacial Discrimination of Carbon Nucleophiles
9.listopadu 2006

Prof. Peter A. JONES

Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
The Prague Azanucleoside Drugs and the Beginnings of Epigenetic Therapy