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Small molecular crystallography

For small molecular crystallography, our team provides full service for data collection and structure determination.

Crystal structure analyses are carried out on Xcalibur PX X-ray diffractometer at The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (see Equipment), usually at low temperature. The quality of the diffraction data and, therefore, the precision of the results depends on the quality of crystals. These should be sufficiently large (0.3 - 0.5 mm being the optimal size), transparent, with no significant internal imperfections such as cracks, flaws or twinning.

NB: It is highly recommended to keep your crystals in solution and seal the vessel properly (e.g. with Parafilm) to avoid evaporation!

To request X-ray structure analysis of a small molecule, please download and fill in Crystal submission form (doc, pdf) and bring it together with your crystals or send it by email.

Contact: Blanka Klepetářová

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Macromolecular crystallography

For macromolecular crystallography, our team maintains in house X-ray diffraction station and crystallization laboratory. We provide assistance with protein crystallization and collaboration for structure determination.

The home X-ray diffraction station for protein crystallography (see Equipment) was purchased from financial means provided by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and made operational in 1998. The station, as the single Czech facility of this type, is freely accessible also to other local research groups. In order to schedule experiment X-ray station user form (doc, pdf) must be filled by every user who intends to use the X-ray station and submitted by email.

Contact: Jiří Brynda



Downloadable application forms (pdf and MS Word doc files):