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Previous Scientific Work

The origin of Chemistry of Functional Molecules Group is connected with former Department of Organic Chemistry.
The Department was founded in the 1950's by Professor Jiří Sicher, whose brilliant personality inspired and deeply influenced mainstream research for several decades.



Heads of the Department

1953-1970 Prof. Jiří Sicher
1971-1989 Dr. Zdeněk Arnold
1989-2002 Dr. Jiří Závada
2003-2006 Dr. Ivo Starý



Distinguished Scientists Who Were Members of the Department

Dr. Zdeněk Arnold (1922-1996)
Prof. Dalimil Dvořák - Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague
Prof. Otto Exner (1924-2008)
Prof. Antonín Holý - IOCB
Prof. Pavel Kočovský - University of Glasgow
Prof. Vladimír Král - Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague
Prof. Martin Kotora - Charles University and IOCB
Prof. Jiří Sicher (1921-1970)
Prof. Ivan Stibor - J.Michl Research Team, IOCB
Dr. Jiří Závada - IOCB



Areas of Interest and Key Achievements in the Past

Self-assembly of conformationally biased molecules in crystals
Terephthalic Siamese Twins   Holý P., Sehnal P., Tichý M., Závada J., Císařová I.:
Self-Assembly of Chiral Hydrogen-Bonded Grid Layers from Terephthalic Siamese Twins.
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 13, 245-253, 2003.
Nanotubes   Kraus T., Císařová I., Buděšínský M., Závada J.:
Per-(6-amino-2-O-carboxymethyl-6-deoxy-3-O-methyl)-α-cyclodextrin: Helical Self-Assembly of the Polyionic Amino Acid into Nanotubes.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 41, 1715-1717, 2002.
Dioxopiperazines   Bělohradský M., Císařová I., Holý P., Pastor J., Závada J.:
α-Amino Acids and Dioxopiperazines Crowned at the α-Carbons with Polyether Macrorings. Synthesis Complexation and Self-Assembling Properties.
Tetrahedron 58, 8811-8823, 2002.
triangles   Chadim M., Buděšínský M., Hodačová J., Závada J., Junk P.C.:
(3+3)-Cyclocondensation of the Enantiopure and Racemic Forms of trans-12-Diaminocyclohexane with Terephthaldehyde. Formation of Diastereomeric Molecular Triangles and their Stereoselective Solid-state Stacking into Microporous Chiral Columns.
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 12, 127-133, 2001.
triangles   Holý P., Závada J., Císařová I., Podlaha J.:
Self-Assembly of 11´-Biphenyl-2,2´,6,6´-tetracarboxylic Acid. Formation of an Achiral Grid with Chiral Compartments.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 38, 381-383, 1999.
Stereochemistry of organic reactions
azepines   Tichý M., Buděšínský M., Günterová J., Závada J., Podlaha J., Císařová I.:
Intramolecular Transfer of Axial to Central Chirality in the Strecker Reaction. Synthesis and Stereochemistry of 5,7-Dicyano-6,7-dihydro-5H-dibenz[ce]azepines.
Tetrahedron 1999, 55, 7893-7906.
Twisted Dihydroazepinium Salts   Stará I.G., Starý I., Tichý M., Závada J., Hanuš V.:
Stereochemical Dichotomy in the Stevens Rearrangement of Axially Twisted Dihydroazepinium and Dihydrothiepinium Salts. A Novel Enantioselective Synthesis of Pentahelicene.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 1994, 116, 5084-5088.
Epoxidation by Carbamate   Kočovský P., Starý I.:
Steric Control of Epoxidation by Carbamate and Amide Groups. Evidence for the Carbonyl-Directed Epoxidation.
Journal of Organic Chemistry 55, 3236-3243, 1990.
Allylpalladium Complexes   Starý I., Kočovský P.:
The First Observation of Syn-Anti Dichotomy in the Formation of (π-Allyl)palladium Complexes.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 1989, 111, 4981-4982.
E2 Eliminations   Bartsch R.A., Závada J.:
Stereochemical and Base Species Dichotomies in Olefin-Forming E2 Eliminations. (review article covering more than 40 papers from this Laboratory).
Chemical Reviews 80, 453-494, 1980.
bimolecular olefin-forming eliminations   Sicher J.:

The Syn and Anti Steric Course in Bimolecular Olefin-forming Eliminations. (review article covering more than 16 Sicher´s papers on this subject).
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 1972, 11, 200-214.
New synthetic methods and selectivity control
  Teplý F., Stará I.G., Starý I., Kollárovič A., Šaman D., Rulíšek L., Fiedler P.:
Synthesis of [5]- [6]- and [7]Helicene via Ni(0)- or Co(I)-Catalyzed Isomerization of Aromatic cis,cis-Dienetriynes.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2002 124 9175-9180.
Cyclodextrin Derivatives   Kraus T., Buděšínský M., Závada J.:
General Approach to the Synthesis of Persubstituted Hydrophilic and Amphiphilic Cyclodextrin Derivatives.
Journal of Organic Chemistry 66, 4595-4600, 2001.
Substituted 2-Naphthols   Hovorka M., Závada J.:
The oxidative cross-coupling of substituted 2-naphthols. Part I: The scope and limitations. and Part II: Selectivity as a mechanistic probe.
Tetrahedron 48, 9503-9516 and 9517-9530, 1992.
Strophanthidin   Kočovský P., Stieborová I.:
Synthesis of Strophanthidin.
Tetrahedron Letters 30, 4295-4298, 1989.
Vilsmeier-Haack-Arnold Acylations   Jutz C., Arnold Z.:
Vilsmeier-Haack-Arnold Acylations (review article covering more than 70 Arnold´s papers on this subject).
Advanced Organic Chemistry 9, (part 1) 225, 1976.
Twistane   Tichý M.:
Stereochemical Studies LXXXI. Absolute Configuration and Chiroptical Properties of Tricyclo(4,4,0,0,3,8)decane (Twistane) and Some of its Derivatives.
Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications 39 2673, 1974.
Correlation analysis of chemical data
Exner O., Čárský P.:
Acidity of Carboxylic Acids: A Rebuttal and Redefinition.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123, 9564-9570, 2001.
Exner O.:
Entropy-Enthalpy Compensation and Anticompensation: Solvation and Ligand Binding.
Journal of the Chemical Society – Chemical Communications 1655-1656, 2000.
Exner O.: The Inductive Effect: Theory and Quantitative Assessment.
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 12, 265-274, 1999.
Exner O.:
Correlation Analysis of Chemical Data
Plenum Press, New York, 1988.
Exner O.:
The Enthalpy-Entropy Relationship.
Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry 10, 411-482, 1973.