Latest publications

Phenyl-Substituted Cibalackrot Derivatives: Synthesis, Structure, and Solution Photophysics
Journal of Organic Chemistry 88 (11): 6573–6587 (2023)
Phenyl-substituted cibalackrot derivatives: Redox behavior, structure-properties relationships and in situ UV-vis/EPR-spectroelectrochemistry of radical ions
Electrochimica Acta 458: 142498 (2023)
Inverse Design of Tetracene Polymorphs with Enhanced Singlet Fission Performance by Property-Based Genetic Algorithm Optimization
Chemistry of Materials 35 (3): 1373–1386 (2023)
Alkanes versus Oligosilanes: Conformational Effects on σ-Electron Delocalization
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (1): 463–477 (2022)