Postdoctoral fellow

Mgr. Jakub Chalupský, Ph.D.


Research interests:
Computational chemistry for organic and bioinorganic molecules, multiconfigurational methods, density matrix renormalization group, relativistic and parity-violation effects, molecular properties, excited states, theoretical spectroscopy, chemical and photochemical reactions, development of computational methods, scientific programming.
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Selected papers

Reactivity of the Binuclear Non-Heme Iron Active Site of Δ<sup>9 </sup>Desaturase Studied by Large-Scale Multireference <i>Ab Initio</i> Calculations
Reactivity of the Binuclear Non-Heme Iron Active Site of Δ9 Desaturase Studied by Large-Scale Multireference Ab Initio Calculations
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (45): 15977-15991 (2014)
The results of density matrix renormalization group complete active space self-consistent field (DMRG-CASSCF) and second-order perturbation theory (DMRG-CASPT2) calculations are presented on various structural alternatives for the O–O and first C–H activating step of the catalytic cycle of the binuclear nonheme iron enzyme Δ9 desaturase. This enzyme is capable of inserting a double bond into an alkyl chain by double hydrogen (H) atom abstraction using molecular O2. The reaction step studied here is presumably associated with the highest activation barrier along the full pathway; therefore, its quantitative assessment is of key importance to the understanding of the catalysis. The DMRG approach allows unprecedentedly large active spaces for the explicit correlation of electrons in the large part of the chemically important valence space, which is apparently conditio sine qua non for obtaining well-converged reaction energetics. The derived reaction mechanism involves protonation of the…

Recent papers

Proton–Electron Transfer to the Active Site Is Essential for the Reaction Mechanism of Soluble Δ9-Desaturase
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (23): 10412–10423 (2020)
Electronic States of 2,3-Diamino-1,4-naphthoquinone and Its N-Alkylated Derivatives
J. Wen
M. Turowski
P. I. Dron
J. Chalupský
R. Grotjahn
T. M. Maier
S. M. Fatur
Z. Havlas
J. C. Johnson
M. Kaupp
J. Michl
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (1): 60-69 (2020)
Magnetic circular dichroism of an unaromatic planar [8]annulene
J. Wen
T. Uto
J. Chalupský
D. L. Casher
G. Raabe
J. Fleischhauer
T. Yanai
H. Tsuji
K. Komatsu
J. Michl
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 31 (8): e3854 (2018)
Vibrational Structure in Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectra of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (47): 9064-9073 (2017)