Latest publications

Arbitrarily-shaped microgels composed of chemically unmodified biopolymers
Biomaterials Science 8 (11): 3044-3051 (2020)
Measurement of protein and sugar consumed by bumblebee larvae under standard and food stress conditions using lanthanide complexes
Insectes Sociaux 66 (2): 245-256 (2019)
Targeting Glioma Cancer Cells with Fluorescent Nanodiamonds via Integrin Receptors
Integrin Targeting Systems for Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy, 169-189, Springer (2018)
Supported Lipid Bilayers on Fluorescent Nanodiamonds: A Structurally Defined and Versatile Coating for Bioapplications
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (45): 1803406 (2018)