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Medicinal chemistry/chemical biology project

Jan Konvalinka
Jan Konvalinka Group
Proteases of Human Pathogens


Medicinal chemistry/chemical biology is an attractive field at the intersection of organic chemistry and biochemistry that tries to identify and synthetize biologically active compounds or compounds serving as a tool for deciphering biological questions. For example, new inhibitors against various enzymes with roles in cancer development and progression are of high-interest. Our lab uses these compounds and tests their activity in vitro or in cell culture models. In addition, we have developed a new platform called iBodies that allows attachment of compounds to an HPMA polymer backbone. Attachment of several molecules of a compound at the same polymer often greatly enhances its inhibitory/binding potency. In addition, a fluorophore or biotin for visualization and isolation could be added to iBodies as well. Those iBodies decorated by randomly bound ligand of unknown target can serve as an tool for pull down for unknown target identification by proteomics approach.

Field of study: Organic chemistry


PhD students must be enrolled in a partner university and will be employed by the IOCB Prague at the same time (part-time or full time), which results in a competitive salary (a scholarship from the university + a salary from the IOCB). Each university has its own process, terms, and deadlines for PhD applications, which is separate from the IOCB recruitment process. You may discuss the details with the respective PI.

How to apply

Please return to the PhD projects at IOCB Prague – Call for Applications 2022 page and follow the instructions.

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