PhD project

Development of Molecular Machines for the Surface Applications

Jiří Kaleta
Jiří Kaleta Group
Molecular Devices


Development of molecular machines like light-powered switches and motors with specific and easily tunable properties is a challenging task by itself. Their further arrangement into 2-D assemblies on the surfaces usually leads to a photo-responsible materials with unique properties. Although great progress has recently been achieved with various types of SAMs there is still a lack of deeper understanding of how the combination of (i) the molecular structure, (ii) the anchoring group of the adsorbate, and (iii) the type of flat surface will affect the self-assembly process and thus the crystal structure of the formed 2-D films. To further the understanding of this complex issue, we will design and synthesize new types of molecular machines in order to study their self-assembly on various surfaces.

Field of study: Organic chemistry


PhD students must be enrolled in a partner university and will be employed by the IOCB Prague at the same time (part-time or full time), which results in a competitive salary (a scholarship from the university + a salary from the IOCB). Each university has its own process, terms, and deadlines for PhD applications, which is separate from the IOCB recruitment process. You may discuss the details with the respective PI.

How to apply

Please return to the PhD projects at IOCB Prague – Call for Applications 2022 page and follow the instructions.

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