PhD project

Photochemical Catch and Release Strategy

Tomáš Slanina
Tomáš Slanina Group
Redox Photochemistry


Bioorthogonal reactions and photoswitches, experiencing rapid growth in the last decades, use click reactions for covalent attachment of an actuating molecule to another (bio)molecule and clip processes for selective cleavage of chemical bonds. Photochemical catch and release strategy offers a possibility of (reversible) sequential combination of click and clip processes for precise regulation of biochemical processes, selective molecular transport, and surface patterning. The PhD student will develop novel molecular systems for the catch and release strategy. He/she will utilize photo-click and photoremovable protecting group chemistry for biological applications. Moreover, he/she will develop novel systems for reversible catch and release and design de novo photochemical switches by installation of a nucleophilic cyclizable arm onto photochemical precursors of ortho-quinone methide and triarylmethane electrophiles.

Field of study: Organic chemistry


PhD students must be enrolled in a partner university and will be employed by the IOCB Prague at the same time (part-time or full time), which results in a competitive salary (a scholarship from the university + a salary from the IOCB). Each university has its own process, terms, and deadlines for PhD applications, which is separate from the IOCB recruitment process. You may discuss the details with the respective PI.

How to apply

Please return to the PhD projects at IOCB Prague – Call for Applications 2022 page and follow the instructions.

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