PhD project

Computational modeling of molecular optical activity

Petr Bouř
Petr Bouř Group
Biomolecular Spectroscopy


Spectroscopic methods using optical activity provide unique information about molecular structure and behavior. The interpretation of such spectra, however, is a challenging process, typically involving a combination of molecular dynamics and quantum chemical computations. We will focus on development of theoretical tools needed to describe latest experimental observations, such as resonance Raman optical activity and anharmonic vibrational spectral bands of molecules.

Field of study: Analytical/physical chemistry


PhD students must be enrolled in a partner university and will be employed by the IOCB Prague at the same time (part-time or full time), which results in a competitive salary (a scholarship from the university + a salary from the IOCB). Each university has its own process, terms, and deadlines for PhD applications, which is separate from the IOCB recruitment process. You may discuss the details with the respective PI.

How to apply

Please return to the PhD projects at IOCB Prague – Call for Applications 2022 page and follow the instructions.

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