Supporting mothers in science

IOCB appreciates all the mothers at the institute who strive to coordinate childcare with their research careers. Be it a group leader, a PhD student, or a technician, we try to ease their challenging situation. IOCB offers a special financial subsidy designated to cover childcare expenses during working hours. The monthly amount depends on a workload percentage with a cap of CZK 13,600.

The institute also helps enroll its employees’ children in childcare centers.

Women in Science at IOCB is a bottom-up initiative addressing issues related to gender equality. Its aim is to support the emancipation and independence of female scientists at the institute. It organizes visits and talks by inspiring women in science from around the world as well as workshops on specific topics, such as maternity and grants. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting Cynthia Burrows from the University of Utah, Cristina Nevado from the University of Zurich, Jeanne Crassous from the University of Rennes, and Mélanie Etheve-Quelquejeu from Paris Descartes University.