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Organic chemistry

Tutor Mgr. Tomáš Kraus, Ph.D.
Team Tomáš Kraus
Topic Dynamic libraries of modified cyclodextrin duplexes as a source of high affinity hosts for complexation of organic molecules in aqueous environment

Cyclodextrin duplexes form highly stable complexes with shape-compatible molecules of organic compounds. Disulfide bridges connecting cyclodextrin macrocycles allow for the dynamic exchange of building blocks in the presence of the guest molecule. The project deals with both the synthesis and oxidative dimerization of modified cyklodextrin building blocks, and the equilibria in the dynamic combinatorial libraries of duplexes in the presence of guest molecules. The ultimate goal of the project is the development of a versatile method allowing simple and fast preparation of high affinity and selectivity hosts for biologically relevant compounds which could be used in their trace analysis in aqueous environment or for drug-delivery.