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Organic chemistry

Tutor Dr. habil. Ullrich Jahn
Team Ullrich Jahn
Topic Total Synthesis of Potentially Food-Derived Isoprostanes and Neuroprostanes and the Development of Immunoassays for Their in vivo Detection

Isoprostanes and Neuroprostanes are human metabolites, which form in large quantity when our organism is under oxidative stress. They occur in vivo as regio- and diastereomeric mixtures and the only way to study their not very well understood biological activity is to synthesize them. Some of these Isoprostanes are proposed to be formed after ω-3 fatty acid intake and to act protective against oxidative stress. With the project the total synthesis of F3-Isoprostanes and F4-Neuroprostanes, which were discovered first in our brains should be accomplished. This will allow the study of their biological activity by immunology in Prague and in cooperation with pharmacologists in the USA and France.