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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Ing. Dominik Rejman, CSc.

Ivan Rosenberg

Topic Azanucleotides – synthesis and biological properties

In the project, we suggest to synthesize novel azanucleosides and azanucleotides as compounds with potential biological activity. The synthesis of piperidine azanucleosides will start from chiral precursors such as sugars and amino acid derivatives that will be converted to appropriate iminosugar intermediates. Azanucleosides obtained by the attachment of a nucleobase to these iminosugar intermediates will be converted to azanucleotides by the reactions with a series of phosphonylation reagents. The azanucleotides will be finaly converted to analogs of nucleoside triphosphates. Prepared compounds will be tested as potential inhibitors of various nucleoside/nucleotide processing enzymes as well as for their cytotoxic, antiviral, antimalarial, antifungal, and antibacterial activities.