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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Doc. Ing. Michal Hocek, Ph.D. DSc.
Team Michal Hocek
Topic Enzymatic construction of functionalized RNAs for the study of their use in siRNA and RNA catalysis

Novel modified ribonucleoside triphosphates will be prepared and their RNA-polymerase catalyzed incorporation to oligoribonucleotides and RNA will be studied. The base-modifications will include functional groups of different size and reactivity. Stability of these modified RNAs towards ribonucleases and their potential use in RNA interference and RNA catalysis will be studied. This project will be performed in close collaboration with Prof. R. Micura (University of Innsbruck) and one or more short stays in Innsbruck are planned for the student enrolled in this project.

Leading references:
1. Hocek, M.; Fojta, M. "Cross-coupling reactions of nucleoside triphosphates followed by polymerase incorporation. Construction and applications of base-functionalized nucleic acids" Org. Biomol. Chem. 2008, 6, 2233-2241.
2. Carthew, R. W.; Sontheimer, E. J. "Origins and Mechanisms of miRNAs and siRNAs" Cell, 2009, 136, 642-655.