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Preparative GC

Preparative GC system Agilent-Gerstel

Location:   Infochemicals (Dr. Irena Valterová)
Responsible person:   Petr Žáček (phone 220 183 320)

Preparative GC system Agilent-Gerstel

The Agilent 6890 gas-chromatograph equipped by GERSTEL Preparative Fraction Collector (PFC) automatically collects compounds after gas chromatographic separation. The PFC is equipped with six sample traps and one waste trap. Traps are available in 1 µl or 100 µl volumes. For optimum compound recovery we are using optional liquid-nitrogen cooled trap. The system allows us the isolation and subsequent collection of individual volatile natural compounds from complex mixtures.

Preparative GC system Varian CP-3800

Location:   Research team of Prof. Josef Michl
Responsible person:   Dr. Jiří Kaleta (phone 220 183 342)

Varian CP-3800

The GC system Varian CP-3800 for the detection and also preparative separation of small amounts of relatively volatile materials. The instrument is used for the identification/isolation of byproducts resulting during the formation of monolayers on metal surfaces.