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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Ing. Zlatko Janeba, Ph.D.

Zlatko Janeba

Topic Design and synthesis of novel compounds as inhibitors of parasitic enzymes

Novel types of heterocyclic compounds and modified nucleotides (SAR studies) will be designed and synthesized and their antiparasitic properties will be studied in collaboration with our mostly foreign partners.

Key references:
1. Hocková, D., Keough, D. T., Janeba, Z., Wang, T.-H., de Jersey, J., Guddat, L. W.: Synthesis of novel N-branched acyclic nucleoside phosphonates as potent and selective inhibitors of human, Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax 6-oxopurine phosphoribosyltransferases. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 55: 6209-6223, 2012.
2. Keough, D. T., Špaček, P., Hocková, D., Tichý, T., Vrbková, S., Slavětínská, L., Janeba, Z., Naesens, L., Edstein, M. D., Chavchich, M., Wang, T.-H., de Jersey, J., Guddat, L. W.: Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates containing a second phosphonate group are potent inhibitors of 6-oxopurine phosphoribosyltransferases and have antimalarial activity. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 56: 2513-2526, 2013.