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Highlights 2014



Prof. Josef MICHL - winner of George S. Hammond Award

Professor Josef MICHL is the 2014 winner of the George S. Hammond Award, sponsored by the Inter-American Photochemical Society.




B. Sobotka and P. Bělobrádek at the IOCB

Bohuslav Sobotka, Czech prime minister, and Pavel Bělobrádek, Czech deputy prime minister for the science, research and innovation, managed their working meeting in the IOCB (August 7th, 2014).

Gallery with selected photos from the Meeting.




Our colleagues in Nature Chemistry

Our colleagues, Pavel Jungwirth and Frank Uhlig, published an interesting article in Nature Chemistry.

Janne Savolainen, Frank Uhlig, Saima Ahmed, Peter Hamm and Pavel Jungwirth:
Direct observation of the collapse of the delocalized excess electron in water.
Nature Chemistry 6: 697–701 (2014).




Prof. Hobza in Highly Cited Researchers 2014

Prof. Pavel Hobza is one of two Czech scientists in Highly Cited Researchers 2014 list by Thomson Reuters.

Highly Cited Researchers 2014 represents some of world’s leading cientific minds. Over three thousand researchers earned the distinction by writing the greatest numbers of reports officially designated by Essential Science IndicatorsSM as Highly Cited Papers—ranking among the top 1% most cited for their subject field and year of publication, earning them the mark of exceptional impact.




Prof. Josef Michl awarded

Prof. Josef Michl won the "Boron in the Americas" award for his work in boron chemistry.




Otto Wichterle Award 2014 for three our colleagues

Our young colleagues, Jan Řezáč, Jakub Kaminský and Milan Kožíšek, have been awarded the Otto Wichterle Award 2014, an honour given by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic to stimulate and encourage selected, exceptionally outstanding, promising young scientists at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for their remarkable contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge in a given area of science.




Success of our young colleagues (Milovy Meeting 2014)

XIVth Interdisciplinar Meeting of Young Biologists, Biochemists and Chemists (Milovy, May 13-16, 2014) was a great achievement of young scientists from our Institute. Chemistry section won Jiří Kaleta with project: Synthesis of new molecular rotor for formation of surface inclusions. Special jury' prize won Jiří Kaleta and Sabína Čujová.

Photogallery with selected photos from the Meeting.




Vice-premier Pavel Bělobrádek visited IOCB

Dr. Pavel Bělobrádek, Czech deputy prime minister for the science, research and innovation, visited our Institute in April 1st, 2014. The director of the IOCB, Dr. Zdeněk Hostomský, introduced deputy prime minister into research focus, profile and scientific achievements of the Institute.


Vice-premier Pavel Bělobrádek at IOCB




The book "Insect families and states" awarded

Book of our long-standing colleague, Prof. Jan Žďárek, Insect families and states was awarded by Academia publishing house. The book won in the category of original scientific / popular science books.


More infromation at Academia publishing house webpage.




Our colleagues awarded the Karel Preis Prize 2013

Our colleagues, R.Norková, J.J.Dytrtová, and V. Kašička, have been awarded the Karel Preis Prize 2013 for their article: " Ionization Techniques and Interfaces for Coupling of Capillary Electromigration Methods with Mass Spectrometry Detection".
[Chemické listy 107: 949–955 (2013)]




CCHS Chairman Prof. Jan John and Chemické listy editor-in-chief Prof. Pavel Chuchvalec awarding Renata Norková.

Karel Preis Prize is awarded by the Editorial board of Chemické listy journal (the journal of the Czech Chemical Society) for the best communication in the volume of Chemické listy. It is named after prof. Karel Preis (1846-1916) who was one of the Society and Journal "founding fathers".