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Analytical Chemistry

Tutor Dušan Koval, Ph.D.

Václav Kašička

Topic Capillary electrophoresis – mass spectrometry (CE-MS) for protein analysis
Faculty PřF UK

We are engaged in development of capillary electrophoresis in conjunction with mass spectrometry for bioanalysis. Capillary electrophoresis represents, on one hand, high performance separation technique, which separates molecules in the electric field according to difference in charge and size. Mass spectrometry provides, on the other hand, molecular mass of the analytes thus allowing their identification and structure analysis. The specific separation principle makes capillary electrophoresis interesting alternative to nanoLC-MS for analysis of protein variants or posttranslation modifications such as glycosylation, acetylation or phosphorylation.
A program of this thesis comprise modification of an interface used for transferring analytes from liquid phase in CE to gas phase in MS via nanospray ionization, then optimization of CE separation and nano-ESI and, lastly, data handling by proteomic tools. The candidate should be interested in miniaturised analytical techniques, have sense of precise work and would get familiar with biological background of projects of our collaborators from our institute.