Open Positions

Ph.D. theme: Study of novel bioactive steroidal compounds as potential drugs

Biochemistry (FPBT, UCT Prague)

The project comprises (1) study of neuroprotective properties of novel synthetic steroids developed at IOCB primarily as modulators of NMDA receptors with potential application in the therapy of ischemic conditions, neurodegenerative diseases as well as neuropsychiatric disorders. The methodology used will be largely based on cell-based models (primary cultures of cortical neurons or cell lines), sometimes modified by means of molecular-biology methods. For selected compounds, their ADME/Tox properties will be also determined. The second part of the project is (2) developments of methodologies for identification of novel biological activities in vitro and systematic screening of existing steroid library. Above all, affinity and selectivity to the panel of nuclear receptors (transcription factors) will be of interest as well as the inhibition of key steroidogenesis enzymes. The “hits” will be validated by cellular functional assays.