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NMR and Molecular Spectroscopy (Dr. David Ĺ aman)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Thanks to broad range application of NMR spectroscopy in structure elucidation of various compounds both natural and synthetic the NMR laboratory is an essential research-service team at IOCB. Our research is focused on structure elucidation, stereochemistry, conformation analysis, dynamic processes and prediction of NMR parameters using state of the art equipment. NMR laboratory participates in many IOCB projects.



Molecular Spectroscopy

We run experiments using vibrational spectroscopy and circular dichroism spectroscopy including experimental evaluation. Standard technique and experimental set up but also some extras are available (micro pellets, infrared spectrometer connected with GC, IR cell for measurements peptides and proteins in aqueous solution, ATR attachments, Peltier accessory for spectrometers, kinetics measurements, Raman and Raman optical activity with excitation at 532 nm).

Except "service" measurements we have our own scientific interests oriented on study of structural changes and dynamic of biopolymers mainly proteins. We are dealing also with Raman microspectroscopy of live cell with the aim to be able designate the chemical contains of cells organelles.