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Transcription factors

We are interested in the structural aspects of function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic transcription factors. To understand the mechanism of carbon catabolite repression in Bacillus subtilis on a molecular level, we combine X-ray structures with other techniques to study the binding of small molecules to selected repressors and their modulation. Structural studies of human transcription factors focus on proteins interacting with LEDGF/p75, a prominent cellular cofactor for HIV integration.

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Structure-based drug discovery

In our structure-based drug discovery project, targeting enzymes from pathogenic organisms (e.g. HIV protease, Candida proteases) as well as human enzymes (e.g. carbonic anhydrases and nucleotidases), the knowledge of protein structures provides a platform for the rational design of specific inhibitors. We also utilize fragment-based approach for identification and further development of suitable inhibitors.

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Structural biology of metabolic pathways

The structural biology of metabolic pathways topic is focused on the structural characterization of components of important metabolic pathways, which can contribute to the development of perspective therapeutics for insulin related diseases and obesity, such as analogues derived from insulin, insulin-like growth factors and implicated in the β-cell metabolism.