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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Ing. Jiří Šrogl, Ph.D.
Team Jiří Šrogl
Topic Utilization of highvalent organosulfur species in metal catalyzed oxidation reaction

The aim of the project is to utilize highvalent organosulfur compounds as an oxidant in organic synthesis. In the center of our interest are processes based on selective interaction of transition and non-transition metals with sulfoxides, disulfides and their analogs. The key transformation is well documented oxidative addition of certain organometallic species into a sulfur-heteroatom bond which further leads to a reactive intermediate- the oxidant. This, in turn, reacts with a substrate oxidizing it in the process to a final product. Since our ultimate lead for such a transformation is biological chemistry, this type of process can be considered bio-mimetic and, as such, it can ultimately lead to trule selective, highly tolerant, useful synthetic process.