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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Ing. Jiří Šrogl, Ph.D.
Team Jiří Šrogl
Topic Metal catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of organosulfur compounds. Oxidative mobilization of transition metal catalyst from thiolate complexes

The aim of our project is to extend our previous successful work on the field of cross-coupling reactions of organosulfur compound. While inherent to previous type of coupling is use of stoichiometric amount of the metallic co-catalyst, the current project offers the alternative rout of mobilizing transition metal catalyst from inactive metal thiolates. Supported by the preliminary experiments we want to use oxidative, bio-mimetic way of releasing the catalyst from the strong bond with the thiolate. This part of the project will be complemented by our effort of putting the cross-coupling substrates on polymer support. In the focal point of our efforts is also the recycling of the polymer-bound by-products. On carefully crafted cross coupling substrates we want to demonstrate our understanding of sulfur metal interactions and eventually develop general methodology for environmentally benign mild synthetic process.