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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Ing. Petr Holý, CSc.
Team Ivo Starý
Topic Synthesis and supramolecular applications of trithiafulvene and tetrathiafulvalene derivatives

Trithiafulvene a tetrathiafulvalene heterocycles are known as good electron donors. Their derivatives are attractive molecules for both materials and supramolecular chemistry. They can serve as host molecules for electron deficient guests. Moreover, these thiaheterocycles are electro-active species and the formation of donor-acceptor complexes can be controlled electrochemically. We plan to take advantage of these properties in two concepts. First, trithiafulvene and tetrathiafulvalene segments will be incorporated into macrocycles designed for fullerene complexation. Second, after a specific positioning of these units on ladder-like oligomers the selective interactions with their electron deficient counterparts will be studied.