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Organic chemistry

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Doc. Ing. Michal Hocek, DSc. Construction of functionalized nucleic acids bearing selected useful functional groups
Doc. Ing. Michal Hocek, DSc. Syntheses of novel types of C-nucleosides for studying of mechanism of polymerases and for extension of the genetic alphabet
Doc. Ing. Michal Hocek, DSc. Synthesis of novel deazapurine nucleosides and nucleotides as potential cytostatics and inhibitors of adenosine kinases
Doc. Ing. Michal Hocek, DSc. Synthesis of novel nucleoside and non-nucleoside inhibitors of key enzymes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Doc. RNDr. Tomáš Elbert, CSc. Syntheses of precursors for the labeling of biologically active molecules with steroid skeleton by tritium. Modeling of the tritiation reactions using deuterium
Dr. habil. Ullrich Jahn Total Synthesis of Potentially Food-Derived Isoprostanes and Neuroprostanes and the Development of Immunoassays for Their in vivo Detection
Dr. habil. Ullrich Jahn From the investigation of a new β-silyl carbanion effect to the total synthesis of bioactive cyclopentanoid monoterpenes and monoterpene alkaloids
Dr. habil. Ullrich Jahn Synthesis of Conformationally Restricted β-Amino Acid Derivatives, Incorporation into Peptides and their Biological Evaluation
Dr. habil. Ullrich Jahn Aminosugar and Amino Acids by Tandem Oxidative Enolate Amination/Radical Cyclizations
Dr. habil. Ullrich Jahn New short synthetic approches to anti-inflammatory lipid derivatives
Mgr. Filip Teplý, Ph.D. Synthesis and Application of Functionalized Helquats
Mgr. Filip Teplý, Ph.D. Resolution of Helquats on a Large Scale
Mgr. Filip Teplý, Ph.D. Bio- and Air-tolerant C-C Bond Formations via Organometallic Ruthenium Catalysis
Mgr. Filip Teplý, Ph.D. Novel Bond Formation in Living Systems
Mgr. Tomáš Kraus, CSc. Dynamic libraries of cyclodextrin duplexes
Mgr. Tomáš Kraus, CSc. Cyclodextrin duplexes in supramolecular self-assembly
Prof. Ing. Ivan Stibor, CSc. Molecular rotors with a bearing - synthesis, properties, and immobilisation on the solid surface
Prof. Ing. Ivan Stibor, CSc. Self-assembly of Molecular Rotor Arrays
RNDr. Ivo Starý, CSc. Design and synthesis of donor-acceptor complexes
RNDr. Ivo Starý, CSc. Preparation and application of ligands with helical chirality in enantioselective reactions
RNDr. Ivo Starý, CSc. Synthesis of nonplanar complex aromatic systems
RNDr. Václav Čeřovský, CSc. Synthesis of antimicrobial peptides of defensin group via ligation techniques