Tutor RNDr. Lenka Maletínská, CSc.
Team Jiří Jiráček
Topic Impact of peptides regulating food intake and their analogues on metabolic syndrom
Faculty 1.LF UK (biochemistry and pathobiochemistry)

Recently discovered peptides involved in central food intake regulation, such as anorexigenic (decreasing food intake) CART peptide, prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) or orexigenic (stimulating food intake) ghrelin represent new possibilities in development of future anti-obesity  and anti-diabetes agents.

In this project, biological effects of the peptides mentioned and their analogues will be first studied in vitro in binding and functional studies. The most potent analogues will be then tested in vivo after their central and peripheral administration in mice with diet induced obesity; metabolic parameters as well as expression of genes involved in food intake regulation will be followed.