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Biochemical Pharmacology (Dr. Helena Mertlíková-Kaiserová)

The primary role of the group within the IOCB is to bridge the chemistry and the biology aiming to promote drug discovery process. For this reason, our research projects are multidisciplinary and typically based on collaboration with medicinal chemistry, structural biology and biochemistry groups from the IOCB (to minimize the need for outsourcing). Our essential research tools are cell-based and other in vitro assays. Traditionally, we focus on the analogs of nucleic acid components i.e. variously modified nucleos(t)ides and purine or pyrimidine bases. However, we are open to all interesting (i.e. pharmacologically relevant) molecules coming from the synthetic laboratories. Our expertise is particularly strong in the field of anticancer, antiviral and antiinflammatory drugs. Generally, we evaluate the pharmacologic potential at several stages such as cellular uptake, biotransformation and specific cellular targets e.g. receptors, kinases, polymerases, telomeres, cytokines and others.

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Besides the research activities, the group provides routine cytotoxicity screening and cell cycle analysis services. In addition to these, we are gradually increasing the number of the „qualified services“, which are more demanding in terms of both personnel qualification and time. They present the most dynamic component of our work standing at the border of the research and the service.