6× AKTA Purifier FPLC

AKTA Purifier FPLC

The GE Healthcare/Amersham Biosciences AKTA Purifier FPLC represents the most advanced Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC) system available for analytical and preparative, laboratory scale, chromatography. The system offers a broad, accurate, flow-rate range, coupled with advanced gradient control and monitoring systems under the control of UNICORN Software ensuring precise, reliable and reproducible operation.


  • P-900 series pump (0.001-10 or 20 mL/min dual mode; 25 MPa)
  • UV-900 multi-wavelength UV monitor (3 wavelengths; range 190-700 nm)
  • pH/C-900 monitor (0-14 pH units, 0.001 – 999.9 mS/cm)
  • Box-900 (up to six 1L bottles)
  • Frac-950 fraction collector
  • Unicorn software


Location:   Research team of Dr. Michael Mareš
Responsible person:   Dr. Martin Horn (phone 220 183 356)
Location:   Research team of Dr. Jan Konvalinka
Responsible person:   Dr. Milan Kožíšek (phone 220 183 518)
Location:   Research team of Dr. Iva Pichová
Responsible person:   Dr. Jiří Dostál (phone 220 183 242)