Neuron Impulses 2017 go to IOCB Prague

Among the winners of Neuron Impuls supporting the best projects in basic research are also two researchers from IOCB Prague, Petr Cígler and Lukasz Cwiklik..


Photo © Markéta Maradová

Petr Cígler (IOCB Prague)

What is happening in cells at the molecular level

All cells contain short microRNA (miRNA) molecules. Their malfunction can lead to serious illnesses. Petr Cígler wants to get a closer look and explore how the miRNA is produced and how it works in living cells.


Lukasz Cwiklik (JHI & IOCB Prague)

The development of an eye-on-a-chip and contact lenses able to release drug molecules directly into the eye

Lukasz Cwiklik's research can significantly improve the treatment of dry eye syndrome, which is one of the most prevalent eye aliments, a common consequence of using contact lenses or long-term computer work.