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Selected Publications:



Smola M, Birkus G, Boura E . (2019) No magnesium is needed for binding of the stimulator of interferon genes to cyclic dinucleotides. Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun .

Dubankova A, Horova V, Klima M, Boura E . (2019) Structures of kobuviral and siciniviral polymerases reveal conserved mechanism of picornaviral polymerase activation. J Struct Biol.

Horova V , Lyoo H, Rózycki B, Chalupska D, Smola M, Humpolickova J , Strating JRPM, van Kuppeveld FJM, Boura E , Klima M. (2019) Convergent evolution in the mechanisms of ACBD3 recruitment to picornavirus replication sites. PLoS Pathog.

Dubankova A, Boura E . (2019) Structure of the yellow fever NS5 protein reveals conserved drug targets shared among flaviviruses. Antiviral Res.

Chalupska D, Rózycki B, Humpolickova J , Faltova L, Klima M, Boura E . (2019) Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIIß (PI4KB) forms highly flexible heterocomplexes that include ACBD3, 14-3-3, and Rab11 proteins. Sci Rep.

Sengupta N, Jovic M, Barnaeva E, Kim DW, Hu X, Southall N, Dejmek M, Mejdrova I, Nencka R, Baumlova A, Chalupska D, Boura E , Ferrer M, Marugan J, Balla T. (2019) A large scale high-throughput screen identifies chemical inhibitors of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase type II alpha. J Lipid Res.



Silhan J,* Zhao Q, Boura E, Thomson H, Förster A, Tang CM,* Freemont PS,* Baldwin GS.* (2018) Structural basis for recognition and repair of the 3'-phosphate by NExo, a base excision DNA repair nuclease from Neisseria meningitidis. Nucleic Acids Res .

Šebera J#, Dubankova A#, Sychrovský V, Ruzek D, Boura E,* Nencka R.* (2018) The structural model of Zika virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase in complex with RNA for rational design of novel nucleotide inhibitors. Sci Rep.

Sohn M, Korzeniowski M, Zewe JP, Wills RC, Hammond GRV, Humpolickova J, Vrzal L, Chalupska D, Veverka V, Fairn GD, Boura E, Balla T. (2018) PI(4,5)P2 controls plasma membrane PI4P and PS levels via ORP5/8 recruitment to ER-PM contact sites. J Cell Biol .




Dubankova A, Humpolickova J, Klima M, Boura E. (2017) Negative charge and membrane-tethered viral 3B cooperate to recruit viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase 3Dpol Sci Rep.

Peti W, Page R, Boura E, Rózycki B. (2017) Structures of Dynamic Protein Complexes: Hybrid Techniques to Study MAP Kinase Complexes and the ESCRT System Methods Mol Biol .

Chalupska D, Eisenreichova A, Rózycki B, Rezabkova L, Humpolickova J, Klima M, Boura E. (2017) Structural analysis of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIIß (PI4KB) - 14-3-3 protein complex reveals internal flexibility and explains 14-3-3 mediated protection from degradation in vitro J Struct Biol.

Hercik K, Brynda J, Nencka R, Boura E. (2017) Structural basis of Zika virus methyltransferase inhibition by sinefungin Arch Virol.

Boura E, Baumlova A, Chalupska D, Dubankova A, Klima M. (2017) Metal ions-binding T4 lysozyme as an intramolecular protein purification tag compatible with X-ray crystallography Protein Science

Klima M, Chalupska D, Rozycki B,Humpolickova J, Rezabkova L, Silhan J, Baumlova A, Dubankova A, Boura E. (2017) Kobuviral Non-structural 3A Proteins Act as Molecular Harnesses to Hijack the Host ACBD3 Protein Structure

Humpolickova J#, Mejdrova I#, Matousova M, Nencka R,* Boura E.* (2017) Fluorescent Inhibitors as Tools To Characterize Enzymes: Case Study of the Lipid Kinase Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase IIIß (PI4KB) J Med Chem.

Mejdrova I#, Chalupska D# , Plackova P, Muller C, Sala M, Klima M, Baumlova A , Hrebabecky H, Prochazkova E, Dejmek M, Strunin D, Weber J, Lee G, Matousova M, Mertlíkova-Kaiserová H, Ziebuhr J, Birkus G, Boura E,* Nencka R.* (2017) Rational Design of Novel Highly Potent and Selective Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase IIIß (PI4KB) Inhibitors as Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Agents and Tools for Chemical Biology J Med Chem.

Hercik K , Kozak J, Sala M, Dejmek M, Hrebabecky H, Zbornikova E, Smola M , Ruzek D, Nencka R, Boura E. (2017) Adenosine triphosphate analogs can efficiently inhibit the Zika virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Antiviral Res.


Eisenreichova A, Klima M, Boura E. (2016) Crystal structures of a yeast 14-3-3 protein from Lachancea thermotolerans in the unliganded form and bound to a human lipid kinase PI4KB-derived peptide reveal high evolutionary conservation Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun.

Baumlova A, Gregor J, Boura E. (2016) The structural basis for calcium inhibition of lipid kinase PI4K IIalpha and comparison with the apo state Physiol Res.

Klima M , Tóth DJ, Hexnerova R, Baumlova A, Chalupska D , Tykvart J, Rezabkova L, Sengupta N, Man P, Dubankova A, Humpolickova J , Nencka R, Veverka V, Balla T, Boura E. (2016) Structural insights and in vitro reconstitution of membrane targeting and activation of human PI4KB by the ACBD3 protein Sci Rep.


Boura E , Nencka R. (2015) Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinases: Function, structure, and inhibition Exp Cell Res.

Klima M, Baumlova A, Chalupska D, Hřebabecký H, Dejmek M, Nencka R, Boura E. (2015) The high-resolution crystal structure of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIß and the crystal structure of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIa containing a nucleoside analogue provide a structural basis for isoform-specific inhibitor design Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr.

Mejdrová I#, Chalupská D# , Kögler M#, Šála M, Plačková P, Baumlová A , Hřebabecký H, Procházková E, Dejmek M, Guillon R, Strunin D, Weber J, Lee G, Birkus G, Mertlíková-Kaiserová H, Boura E *, Nencka R*. (2015) Highly Selective Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase IIIß Inhibitors and Structural Insight into Their Mode of Action J Med Chem.

Dejmek M, Šála M, Hřebabecký H, Dračínský M, Procházková E, Chalupská D, Klíma M , Plačková P, Hájek M, Andrei G, Naesens L, Leyssen P, Neyts J, Balzarini J, Boura E , Nencka R. (2015) Norbornane-based nucleoside and nucleotide analogues locked in North conformation Bioorg Med Chem.


Różycki B, Boura E. (2014) Large, dynamic, multi-protein complexes: a challenge for structural biology J Phys Condens Matter.

Baumlova A, Chalupska D, Róźycki B, Jovic M, Wisniewski E, Klima M, Dubankova A, Kloer DP, Nencka R, Balla T, Boura E. (2014) The crystal structure of the phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIa EMBO Rep.

Jović M, Kean MJ, Dubankova A, Boura E, Gingras AC, Brill JA, Balla T. (2014) Endosomal sorting of VAMP3 is regulated by PI4K2A J Cell Sci.


Nemecek D, Plevka P, Boura E (2013) Using cryoEM reconstruction and phase extension to determine crystal structure of bacteriophage ϕ6 major capsid protein Protein J.

Nemecek D, Boura E , Wu W, Cheng N, Plevka P, Qiao J, Mindich L, Heymann JB, Hurley JH, Steven AC. (2013) Subunit folds and maturation pathway of a dsRNA virus capsid Structure.


Rozycki B, Boura E , Hurley JH, Hummer G. (2012) Membrane-elasticity model of Coatless vesicle budding induced by ESCRT complexes PLoS Comput Biol. [PubMed]

Boura E , Ivanov V, Carlson LA, Mizuuchi K, Hurley JH. (2012) Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport (ESCRT) complexes induce phase-separated microdomains in supported lipid bilayers. J Biol Chem. [PubMed]

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Noinaj N, Easley NC, Oke M, Mizuno N, Gumbart J, Boura E , Steere AN, Zak O, Aisen P, Tajkhorshid E, Evans RW, Gorringe AR, Mason AB, Steven AC, Buchanan SK. (2012) Structural basis for iron piracy by pathogenic Neisseria. Nature [PubMed]

Boura E , Hurley JH. (2012) Structural basis for membrane targeting by the MVB12-associated ß-prism domain of the human ESCRT-I MVB12 subunit. PNAS [PubMed]

Boura E , Rozycki B, Herrick D, Chung HS, Vecer J, Eaton W, Cafiso D, Hummer G, and Hurley JH. (2011) Solution structure of the ESCRT-I complex by small angle x-ray scattering, EPR, and FRET spectroscopy PNAS [PubMed]

Hurley JH, Boura E , Carlson LA, Rozycki B. (2010) Membrane budding. Cell [PubMed]

Im YJ, Wollert T, Boura E , Hurley JH. (2009) Structure and function of the ESCRT-II-III interface in multivesicular body biogenesis. Dev Cell. [PubMed]

Boura E , Silhan J, Herman P, Vecer J, Sulc M, Teisinger J, Obsilova V, Obsil T. (2007) Both the N-terminal loop and wing W2 of the forkhead domain of transcription factor Foxo4 are important for DNA binding. J Biol Chem. [PubMed]

Boura E , Liebl D, Spísek R, Fric J, Marek M, Stokrová J, Holán V, Forstová J. (2005) Polyomavirus EGFP-pseudocapsids: analysis of model particles for introduction of proteins and peptides into mammalian cells. FEBS Lett. [PubMed]


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