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About us

Our mission

IOCB Prague is a leading research institution under the umbrella of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Our mission is basic research at the interface of chemical and biological sciences and translation of results from basic research into applications and commercial assets.

Our story

IOCB was established as an interdisciplinary institute at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medicine with a combination of chemical and biological groups and teams working in the same field. This has led to many significant contributions through its pioneering cutting-edge research, as well as practical applications, particularly in medicinal chemistry.

Quick facts

scientific groups
PhD students
USD 60 M
income from licenses in 2018


More than 800 IOCB employees work in research as well as administrative and technical support. Among them are over 190 PhD students and 180 foreigners from dozens of countries around the world. Do you want to become one of them? Or are you looking for someone?

Social responsibility & outreach

IOCB provides targeted support to parents in science, backs young scientists, and encourages contributions to community life. The institute also values partnerships with nonprofit organizations, popularization, and science-related initiatives and foundations. 

Reports and Resources

Research at IOCB Prague 2019.pdf PDF (28 MB)
IOCB Prague Yearbook 2013-2016.pdf PDF (44 MB)