IOCB Tech is a technology transfer office and a subsidiary company of IOCB Prague that helps to transform the inventions and scientific outcomes coming from research performed at IOCB by scientists in medicinal chemistry, material sciences, biology, and other chemistry-related fields. The main goal is to make these inventions available to ultimately benefit society.

The IOCB Tech team supports management and decision-making processes in multiple projects targeted at novel drugs and scientific tools and provides services to the scientists at IOCB in the areas of due diligence analyses, market potential studies, and project feasibility.

Another integral part of its work is the protection of intellectual property and know-how. IOCB Tech also engages in business development activities – identifying collaboration, licensing and co-development partners, and negotiating contracts and agreements, it fosters a bridge between academia and industry.

IOCB Tech has established close relationships with major pharma companies like Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca, and SHINE Technologies, along with an especially close relationship with Gilead Sciences. Since its founding in 2009, the company has seen the signing of more than two dozen license agreements and the awarding of more than twenty patent families.