PhD program

IOCB is an exciting place. As a student here, you’ll have the opportunity to work on interesting projects in a first-class tutoring program. You will be in a vibrant international setting of a prestigious scientific institution, which has cutting-edge equipment and modern technologies and collaborates with leading research centers around the world as well as with important commercial partners.

Those are just some of the reasons there are over 200 PhD students working at IOCB, of which around 80 are from abroad.

PhD coordinator

For general inquiries about PhD at IOCB Prague, please contact our PhD coordinator Martina Nussbaumerová at

“IOCB is an international institute that attracts people from all corners of the world, thus allowing me to extensively practice my English. Its facilities provide for a large range of subjects. Furthermore, through social events, IOCB offers extensive outlets where you can discuss new ideas and make potential collaborations.”
— Maria-Bianca Mititelu
“I was deciding between PhD studies abroad and in the Czech Republic. The quality of IOCB is on par with other countries, and they collaborate with foreign institutions and have such a good reputation in the world that, in the end, I had no reason to travel far from home.”
— Athanasios Markos
“IOCB is a leading scientific institution in the Czech Republic with a lot of modern equipment and technology which is very important to drive the research forward. It’s located in Prague which has the most beautiful historical centre and a relatively low cost of living compared to other European cities.”
— Chiranan Pramthaisong