How and when to apply

PhD project topics for the following academic year are announced in January at the latest. Applications may only be submitted by individuals interested in PhD studies at the universities with which IOCB collaborates on PhD programs:

Enrollment in the PhD study programs at these universities is open to applicants who have completed a master’s program or its equivalent, or to students in their final year of a master’s program, in which case admission is contingent on completion of the master’s program by the start of the new academic year. 

You can apply to a PhD program at IOCB in one of two ways

  1. Applying through the official PhD admissions process (recommended). This typically begins in the first part of January when the PhD topics for the upcoming academic year are published on our website. Applications for interviews with principal investigators are submitted in the course of January and February. Interviews are then conducted in mid-March. The advantage to the official admissions process is that it lets you address multiple principal investigators at once, thus improving your chances of admission.
  2. You may also contact the principal investigator of your choice directly and make individual arrangements with him or her.

When applying for a PhD study program, principal investigators particularly appreciate candidates who take an active interest not only during admissions. Don’t hesitate to contact them at their email addresses, which you’ll find on their respective group websites.

The best way to prepare is to keep up throughout the year with the work being done by the research groups and individuals as well as with their publishing activities. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with current and past project topics, grants, instrumentation, and so on.